Our goal for 2014 is $180,000. The 2014 offering was received in churches all over Kalamazoo on November 30, 2014 and will be used to fund the following projects:


A goal of $60,000 for Benard’s Vision Schools in Kenya to fund the completion of the staff housing 6-plex which will reduce salary costs by $1,000 per month and for the completion of the Wachara classroom building.


A goal of $60,000 for King Solomon’s Academy in Uganda to fund the completion of the church auditorium, school assembly hall and school cafeteria.


A goal of $30,000 for Jesus Loves Kalamazoo to fund the resources necessary for follow up with individuals at their point of need.

A goal of $30,000 for Kalamazoo Love INC to mobilize more churches and Christ-followers to truly help more people in need. Funding is needed for the Journey Forward program to move those in need toward life transformation.



The 2013 offering was taken in Churches all over Kalamazoo on Sunday, November 24, 2013 and will be used to fund the following projects:


A goal of $60,000 to construct staff housing. Providing housing will reduce dependency on American funding by $1000 per month.


A goal of $60,000 to enclose the multipurpose building. Solomon's Academy still prepares meals for 600 students in a 12 x 12 kitchen and elementary students eat at their desks. Preschool students, who have no desks, eat sitting on the floor. This building will provide a proper kitchen, a dining hall, and in Phase II a neighborhood medical clinic.


A goal of $62,500 to enhance a new job preparation program called Momentum, a division of Urban Alliance. Momentum graduates, with new jobs, still have obstacles such as transportation and child care. The CFC contribution will provide short term solutions on the road to financial self-sufficiency.



The 2012 offering was taken in Churches all over Kalamazoo on Sunday, November 18, 2012. The Board of Christ Followers For Change distributed the funds for the following needs:


Pastor Solomon has many projects going on right now including the completion of a dormitory, back pay for teacher’s salary, restroom completion, the multi-purpose building and the purchase of a brick making machine. Here is the breakdown:
a. Dormitory roof, windows and doors, flooring, electrical and furnishings: $13,000.00
b. Completion of the restrooms: $2,600.00
c. Building for Administration staff to move out of the restrooms: $14,000.00
d. Brick making machine and start up supplies: $7,000.00
e. Reserve for teacher’s salary: $7,000.00
f. Rice: $5,000.00
g. Chicken feed: $5,000.00
h. Land, fence, beds: $5,750.00
Total $59,350.00


Pastor Benard needs to complete the girls dormitory: paint, interior doors, electricity, furnishings, (beds, table, chairs etc.)
a. Finish girl’s dormitory: $30,000 b. Property: $15,000 c. Furnishings, water for dorm: $12,000 d. Water Tank: $6,600 e. Food: $4,700 Total $68,300.00


Tree of Life School: This new school in the Edison Neighborhood is providing Christian education of those in the neighborhood. We supported their building project last year. This year we continue to support the completion of the debt for the construction and provide furnishings yet needed to make this a top notch school for these children. Total $30,000.00



The 2011 offering will be taken in churches all over Kalamazoo on Sunday, November 20th. The board of Christ Followers For Change would like to distribute the funds for the following needs:


$25,000 will go towards the purchase of land in Uganda, on which will be built a 10-room house for the school teachers, saving the school an estimated $1,000 per month in rental costs.
$15,500 will go towards stabilizing an existing church building in Uganda that is in danger of collapsing. Hundreds of people worship here each Sunday.


$69,300 will go towards finishing off two additional classrooms that were started last fall, as well as a dormitory to house some of the students from the orphan school in Kenya.


$50,000 will go towards the cost of a new building for the Tree of Life School in Kalamazoo.
$47,600 will go towards purchasing beds for those in need in the greater Kalamazoo area.



In 2010 Christ Followers For Change collected a combined total of $220,000 from the churches in Kalamazoo. Those funds were distributed as follows:

Uganda - funds were donated towards a fish farm, pump and generator, land for a new church building, the construction of the new church building and teacher salaries.
Kenya - funds were given to help with a convenience store, giving power to a village and building classrooms.
Kalamazoo over 300 beds and mattress covers were purchased and distributed for those in need in the Kalamazoo area.

Pictures are available here.


In 2009 over $125,000 was collected for the first annual CFC collection. Those funds were sent to three places:

Uganda - resources went towards a school building, teacher salaries, and a chicken farm.
Kenya - the building of a dining hall.
Kalamazoo - funds were given towards a local dental clinic.

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