When individuals from CFC member churches have visited Africa, some have returned with a burden for other needs, which they share in their churches. This has spawned additional projects that are a direct result but not an official part of the CFC ministry.

Operation: Starfish

The Bridge has started Operation: STARFISH in the strategic area of Uganda, Africa, working in partnership with an indigenous ministry called Good News Ministries, led by Pastor Solomon Mwesige. Operation: STARFISH is about working in key areas that have been researched and identified as strategic points to bring about physical, social and spiritual health.

The Mud Run

Kalamazoo Community Church's Mission Team started the Mud Run to raise funds to help permanently take care of Pastor Solomon Mwesige 's water need. They’ve been able to fund the establishment of a permanent well on Solomon's property and a well drilling rig that will enable his ministry to not only drill wells, but hopefully become self-sufficient in this pursuit.

AIM Africa Team

Southridge Reformed Church has taken on separate projects of sports uniforms for Ugandan children and shoes and socks for Kenyan children.

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